Braley Bytes: "Uh-Oh! I Just Stepped In Iowa" Edition

U.S. Rep turned Senate hopeful Bruce Braley is feeling embarrassed right now for being himself in a video, speaking candidly to some of his out-of-state lawyer buddies. While mooching around for money, Braley condescendingly calls Chuck Grassley “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.” He contrasts that description (which could also fit many of his constituents) with himself who shares the out-of-state ambulance chasers’ “background,” “experience,” and “voice.” Watch the video here:

While that crap might not play in Pella, it seems to do the trick on the out-of-state lawyer crowd. Attorneys and law firms have been Braley’s biggest donors, pumping $1,122,748 into his Senate campaign so far and 82% of his contributions have come from outside the state. I guess we know who his “voice” will be representing if elected.


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