Iowa Libertarian Candidates 2014

After the Libertarian Party of Iowa had their state convention this weekend, the slate of candidates is now set. Those listed below will be on the November ballot. Names are hotlinked to the candiate’s website where available.

Federal Office:

US Senate-  Dr. 
Doug Butzier
US House District 1- Gary Sicard
US House District 4-  Forest R Johnson III

State Office:

Governor of Iowa-  Dr. Lee Hieb
Lt. Governor of Iowa- Ryan Ketelsen
Iowa Secretary of StateJake Porter   
Iowa State Treasurer-
Keith Laube

Iowa House District 10-  Lynne Gentry
Iowa House District 33-  Josh Herbert
Iowa House District 45-  Dr. Eric Cooper
Iowa House District 57-  David Overby

And let’s not forget our elected Libertarians in Iowa:
Cedar Falls City Council At-Large- Nick Taiber
Mayor of Roland- Roger Fritz-


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