Iowa Right To Life Endorsements

In my last post I said that if I saw any other candidate endorsements from pro-liberty groups I’d pass them along.  My pro-choice friends might disagree with me, but without life it’s downright hard to enjoy liberty and property, so I’ll include Iowa Right to Life in that list.  Iowa Right to Life recently released the names of primary election candidates who they believe meet “criteria reflecting ability, sincerity and responsiveness in support of our Pro-Life legislative priorities.” Here they are:

U.S. House 01: Ben Lange
State Senate:

04: James Black
06: Mark Segebart
08: Col. Al Ringgenberg
14: Steven Everly AND Stephanie Jones AND Amy Sinclair
22: Jeff Mullen
36: Jane Jech
42: Lee Harder AND Larry Kruse

 Iowa House:
01: Kevin Wolfswinkel
02: Josh Davenport AND Megan Hess
06: Ron Jorgensen AND Matthew Ung
07: Tedd Gassman
08: Bob Dishman AND Henry Rayhorns
10: Maison Bleam
22: Greg Forristall
23: Mark Costello
24: Cecil Dolecheck AND Jane Jensen
25: Julian Garrett AND Joan Acela
26: Steve McCoy AND Ruth Randleman
27: Joel Fry

28: Len Gosselink AND Greg Heartsill
30: Jim Carley
34: Patti Branco
37: Matt DeVries AND John Landon AND Jim Robidoux AND Jeffrey White
38: Kevin Koester
39: Erik Helland
50: Pat Grassley AND Annette Sweeney
55: Marshall Nessa
59: Howard Lyon
76: Larry Wilson
81: Blake Smith


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