Iowa Primary Candidate Ratings

Iowa’s two major parties will be selecting their candidates about a week from now in the June 5th primary election.  Various pro-liberty groups have weighed in on which candidates they prefer.

You can read the NRA Political Victory Fund ratings and endorsements for Iowa State Senate and State House here.  Bear in mind that NRA-PVF will usually favor an incumbent over a challenger when issuing endorsements, even if the challenger is good on Second Amendment issues.

Liberty Iowa PAC, which seems to be an offshoot of the Ron Paul revolution, says it seeks to “return our state to the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty, and make Iowa a leading voice for Constitutional conservatism in the nation.”  Liberty Iowa has endorsed the following Republican candidates:

U.S. House:
District 1- Rod Blum

Iowa Senate:
Distrtict 16- David Scott Edwards
District 22- Jeff Mullen
District 34- Randi Shannon
District 50- Will Johnson

Iowa House:
District 1- Kevin Wolfswinkel (* also endorsed by transpartisan Iowa Freedom Fund)
District 2- Josh Davenport
District 10- Tom Shaw
District 26- Steve McCoy
District 36- Tony Seliquini
District 37- Matt Devries
District 39- Jake Highfill

Polk County Sheriff:
Dan Charleston

So far I haven’t heard the endorsements from our friends over at Iowa Gun Owners PAC, but if I hear anything from them or other pro-freedom groups I’ll pass it along.


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