Welcome Representative Braley!

In the day and a half after I posted “Braley Bites” I had five views of my blog from Washington DC, including two from house.gov (U.S.  House of Representatives) domain names.  A similar phenomenon occurred when I posted “Bruce Braley Buffoonery” and “An Open Letter To Rep Bruce Braley.”  I’m beginning to think I’ve got fans in high places.

Let me follow a hunch and extend a hearty welcome to Representative Braley or (more likely) a couple of his staffers.  I’m glad to have you here!  Anyone with an open mind is welcome.

Let me start off by saying I have nothing against Braley personally.  He may very well be a nice person in private.  I don’t know; I’ve never met him.  It’s his public policies that I don’t like.  Unfortunately, the progressive policies that he promotes affect me quite intimately: taking the bread from my mouth through taxation, subverting the Constitution I swore to defend, and wrapping the noose of interminable debt around the necks of my children.  It’s hard for me not to take umbrage at all that I’m afraid.

But I hope that you find the blog enjoyable and enlightening.  So long as you’re here though I would ask that you please patronize my advertisers, to generate revenue for my site.  You see, unlike you, I don’t have swarms of armed thugs to take other people’s money for me and I can’t borrow money from the Chinese in my children’s name.

Or maybe I could forgo all that ad revenue stuff and you guys could just hook me up with a big, fat federal grant.  Watch how fast I change my tune from “Braley Bites” to “Braley’s Brilliant” then!


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