Braley Bites

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce what will be a recurring feature on this blog titled “Braley Bites.”  Each installment will deal with Bruce Braley, Iowa’s so-called “representative” of the First District in the U.S. House.  The “bites” comes from each one being a small, “bite-sized” news snippet, but since I’m no big fan of Braley, you can take it a couple of different ways.  Here’s the first installment:

Lange Outraises Braley In Second Quarter

According to financial disclosures released this month, challenger Ben Lange raised more money in the second quarter than the incumbent Braley.  Lange, a small-town lawyer from Independence, raised $108,587 while Braley only raised $106,678.

While those numbers are similar, where the money came from are polar opposites.  85% of Lange’s donations came from constituents here inside Iowa’s 1st District.  Compare that to Braley, who had 88% of his contributions come from out-of-state. Incredibly only six actual constituents donated to Braley this past quarter, according to the disclosures.  Braley relied heavily on political special interests for donations, whereas 96% of Lange’s support came from individual contributors.

While Iowans are already voting for Lange over Braley with their wallets, that doesn’t mean Lange can breathe easy.  Braley has $632,385 in his war chest, while Lange only has $110,296.  Braley helps wield the resources of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and will use them to fund his own campaign.  And since Braley is one of the most consistently liberal votes in Congress, unions and other liberal special interests from across the country will be dumping truckloads of money into the race to ensure Braley’s victory.


One thought on “Braley Bites”

  1. That's why we have so much trouble getting rid of Max Baucus out here in Montana. The DNC, his devoted lobbyists, and special interest groups can shovel $$$$$$ at him until he's on every other TV commercial, every other radio ad, and in all the newspapers. By the time they're done, most folks don't even know the challenger's name. Nothing like “representing” and “serving” the PEOPLE.


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