One Step Closer To Medical Marijuana In Iowa

In a victory for common sense, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy unanimously voted today to recommend that legislators reclassify marijuana from “Schedule I” (banned) to “Schedule II,” which would allow medical use with a prescription.

The Des Moines Register reports: “The board also recommended the state set up a broad task force, including patients, medical professionals and law enforcement officers, to come up with a way to safely implement a medical marijuana program.

“Marijuana proponents cheered after the vote was taken, but they acknowledged that hurdles remain before the drug could become available to patients.

“‘This is a big thing. This is momentum,’ said Carl Olsen, one of the measure’s main Iowa proponents. He said he didn’t expect legislators to consider the matter until next year’s legislative session.”

A recent Des Moines Register poll showed that 64% of Iowans support medical marijuana with a doctor’s approval.

If Iowa legislators soon pass a law legalizing medical marijuana, this would not only be a victory for suffering patients, but for states’ rights under the Tenth Amendment as well.


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