Healthcare Sovereignty Bill In Iowa

I normally don’t post emails that I get, but since this one was extremely time sensitive and may interest regular readers of this blog, I’ve included the following “action alert” from Iowa Campaign For Liberty (CFL). It deals with the “Growing Movement to Nullify National Health Care.” For a quick overview of the state sovereignty/10th Amendment issue, read my interview with 10th Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin. -Ben

Action Item – State Sovereignty Legislation

During Iowa’s legislative session Bills are assigned to committees. In order for a Bill to become law it must first be released out of committee.

This FRIDAY, February 12, @ 5:00 pm is the deadline for having Bills out of committee. If a Bill has not been released by a committee by then it is considered “DEAD” and NOTHING will become of it.

Iowa CFL has been working with Legislators to pass several Bills that relate to Health Care and/or State Sovereignty. One in Particular is HF 2177.

HF 2177 simply states, “This bill establishes that no law shall restrict a person’s right to choose private health care systems or private health care plans.” This Bill is designed to establish Iowa law that says the federal government cannot dictate to private citizens what they choose to do regarding their health care.

CFL urges all of its members to email, call and/or visit all 21 House Human Resources committee members and urge their support for HF 2177.

Here is some suggested language for you to “cut and paste” into your own email:

Dear Committee Member,

I am emailing you regarding HF 2177. This Bill is about health care, which is very personal to me. I want to insure that I will always be able to choose my own health care plan; if I choose one at all.

I’m calling for your support on this Bill and for you to insure that it comes out of Committee before the deadline on Friday, February 12, at 5:00 pm.

This Bill is important in that it will insure that the overreaching federal government will not be able to dictate any part of my health care. The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees that each individual state has the authority to over rule federal mandates not enumerated in the constitution.

So in part, your support for this Bill, is simply re-affirming your oath of office; in that you will uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Here’s the list of email addresses for all 21 House Human Resources committee members:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

You can email them as a group or individually if you want for a more personal touch.

If one of these committee members happens to be your own Representative (you can use this link to find your state representative: ) you will be more likely to get their attention, so send them their own individual email from you and feel free to insert this or similar language after the first sentence:

As a constituent in your District I will surely be watching your action on this Bill. If you are unable to support this Bill you will surely not receive my vote in this upcoming election.

Phone calls (or even a personal visit) to the capitol are also effective. The House switchboard number is 515-281-3221

Your action is greatly appreciated and necessary.

Ron Truhlar
Campaign for Liberty/State Sovereignty Co-coordinator


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