Marion Robbery Foiled By Armed Citizen local news doesn’t always report positive gun uses, (see my post Iowa News Shows Its Anti-Gun Bias) in a case this week they did.

KCRG-TV9 reports:

MARION — A Burlington man was caught in the act of robbing two people in Marion by an armed citizen.

According to the Linn County attorney’s Office, 66-year-old John R. Barnett assaulted two people outside an apartment building in the 1400 block of Grand Avenue in Marion on Tuesday. An accomplice was with Barnett at the time of the assault, police said. A wallet was taken from one victim.

Authorities said that during the robbery, a witness intervened and held Barnett at gunpoint until officers arrived. The accomplice was able to flee with the victim’s wallet.

The Marion Police Department said if a person feels threatened, they have the right to use force. Barnett was arrested and has been charged with two counts of second-degree robbery.

You can watch a more in-depth news video HERE.


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