Jake Porter for Iowa Secretary of State

About 31% of Iowa’s registered voters are Democrats and 31% are Republicans. However, 38% are aligned with neither party. So why is it that our state’s elections are always overseen by an Iowa Secretary of State who is in league with one of the two major parties? Such an official will obviously always “have a dog in the hunt” in any major election. In fact, we’ve seen our state’s current top election official endorse a candidate in the election he was officiating. It’s like having a referee always wearing one team’s jersey.

Isn’t it time we had anindependent voice in the Iowa Secretary of State’s office? Jake Porter is such a candidate.  Porter is not beholden to either major party which would make him an independent arbiter in our state’s elections. He pledged not endorse any candidate as Secretary. Porter wants to “keep the Secretary of State’s office non-partisan and make it easy for all Iowans to participate in the election process.” He does not believe in “disenfranchising voters through intimidation and voter suppression tactics.”

Porter also wants to make it easier for Iowa business owners to file state forms online. He believes in reducing red tape and bureaucracy and understands “the need to follow the Iowa Code and Iowa Constitution.” You can read more about him at JakePorter.org.

It’s time for an independent leader as Iowa Secretary of State. It’s time for Jake Porter.


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