An Open Letter to State Rep. Muhlbauer

Dear Representative Muhlbauer:

I was interested in reading your recent interview in the Daily Times Herald titled “Muhlbauer: Ban, seize semi-auto weapons.” In the article it was suggested that you would like Iowa to ban and confiscate “big guns,” “semi-automatics,” and those that are “not hunting weapons.”
Why do you believe that people may be able to own some plinking firearms for recreational purposes but not defensive arms which may serve a deadly-serious purpose? Probably your reasoning is that others, police and soldiers, bear arms for that purpose. Indeed they do and thank God for them.
But the existence of these valiant “others” doesn’t absolve the rest of us from our duties as Americans, as neighbors, as husbands and fathers, or as men. If a fire started in your home would you not try to extinguish it even though you’re not a professional firefighter? If your child or your neighbor was injured would you not try to aid him even though you’re not a certified paramedic?
Why then this attitude that being prepared to defend oneself or ones family against criminal attack is unthinkable? Why then this attitude that being prepared to stand in defense of liberty is superfluous? Unfortunately this attitude is not uncommon among many pampered modern Americans.
What an unbelievably inflated sense of self-worth you must have to believe that humbly-paid civil servants (with families of their own) have a duty to risk their lives to defend your life and liberty while you won’t shoulder any of the responsibility yourself!
I hope that, despite your best efforts, your fellow citizens of Iowa will remain able to keep and bear arms without any more infringements placed upon that right. Even if you don’t choose to personally exercise that right, you and your family will be safer because of it.


Benjamin R. Cashner
[Address & Phone Number Redacted]

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to State Rep. Muhlbauer”

  1. Here was Rep.Muhlbauer's response:

    Thanks for your letter.

    The news article that was printed was not a true representation of how I feel. There was very little said about gun control in the interview. There are so many things that go into the Connecticut incident.

    Mental Health being a huge part of, School Policies, Society and Guns. The interview was about what could be done to prevent further shootings. It was never about gun control, it was about protecting children in school.

    I was asked, IF you could stop this from happening would you be willing to take away guns? My answer was, We are talking about 5 and 6 year olds here, IF you could stop all violence by doing that sure, BUT that will never happen, so we need to focus on mental health, school policies, etc. Only part of my statement was used! The article was very slanted and does not represent my feelings.

    Dan Muhlbauer
    State Representative
    Des Moines, IA 50319


  2. Quite a bit of ass covering. The article tells a whole different story, or is he going to pull that “they took it out of context” crap. He took a oath to support and defend the Constitution that he is trying to wipe his ass with.


  3. The full audio of the interview is posted here:

    “There was very little said about gun control in the interview.” Is Muhlbauer serious? Listen for yourself and watch for these quotable quotes from Dan Muhlbauer:

    “I think there’s a number of things we have to work with and one thing is tightening up the gun laws.”

    “We can not have big guns out here as far as these, uhm, uh, the, the big guns that are out here the, this, the semi-automatics and all those, we can’t have those, those running around out here. Those aren’t hunting weapons… We should ban them in Iowa.”

    “If you have them, we need to start taking them. We can’t have those out there.”

    “Those guns should not be in the public’s hands. They’re just too big a gun.”

    “We’re going to have to buy them back, or voluntarily come get ‘em, or if we find them on the street there’s going to have to be a penalty for them. We just don’t need ‘em out there.”

    “With all these shootings going on, we need to start making some radical changes and radical choices from what we’ve done in the past.”

    Regarding Steve King’s use of an AR-15 to shoot coyotes: “I think he’s getting a little ridiculous. We don’t need these big of guns to take care of coyotes.”

    “We don’t need these great big guns.”

    “We do need to tighten that down (regulations) to make sure we have more control of guns.”

    “We have to start making some drastic moves.”

    “We might have to go to more drastic measures.”

    “We have to change and we have to get stricter and tougher with what we do.”

    Hmmm… does that sound like the interview wasn't about gun control?

    With his 410 shotgun, 22 rifle and 22 pistol, “Ban ‘em” Dan says he hunts pheasant and shoots skeet but isn’t an avid hunter. His weapons, of course, are ok.


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