State Guard Adds Protection Efficiently

Here’s an excerpt from my latest guest column in the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

“After Superstorm Sandy ravaged the eastern seaboard, the states of New York and Virginia, in addition to their National Guard forces, called upon another cost-effective crisis response asset that Iowa currently lacks: state guard units. Twenty-two states (and Puerto Rico) have active state guards, which are sometimes known as state militias or state defense forces, or SDFs.

“Unlike the National Guard, which is operated by the state and federal governments, SDFs are funded and operated solely under the authority of the state. They are under the command of the state governor and cannot be called into federal service. While the National Guard has proved itself to be extremely good at its job, SDFs offer several advantages that allow them to nicely complement National Guard forces.”

You can read the entire column here.

One thought on “State Guard Adds Protection Efficiently”

  1. The State Defense force is a military entity authorized by both the State Code of Iowa and executive order. The State Defense Force (SDF) is the state’s authorized militia and assumes the state mission of the Iowa National Guard in the event the Guard is mobilized. The SDF comprises retired active and reserve military personnel and selected professional persons who volunteer their time and talents in further service to their state


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