Braley Bytes: Crazy Train Edition

More Braley buffoonery. After (IA-01) Rep. “Borrowin’ Bruce” Braley (D) got busted for using taxpayer funds to stage a campaign event (er, sorry, “deficit workshop”) in the newly redistricted area he wants to represent, he wisely canceled the event since it was is clear violation of House ethics rules. According to those rules “[m]embers may not use official funds, including the use of staff resources, to conduct ‘town hall’ meetings or other official gatherings outside their districts.”

Did Braley learn his lesson?  Apparently not. Braley then issued a press release that said he would  “jump aboard a Union Pacific Train on Friday in Fairfax headed to Marshalltown to promote and support enhancements to infrastructure in Iowa. Before the train leaves, Braley [would] hold a short press conference[.]” Neither Fairfax nor Marshalltown are in Braley’s district.  Whoops!

The Iowa Republican points out: “House ethics rules explicitly prohibit Members of Congress from using official House resources, paid for by taxpayers, for purposes outside of their current district. This prohibition extends to new geographical areas, like Fairfax and Marshalltown, that are being added to Members’ districts as a result of redistricting. Members may campaign in these new areas, but not at the taxpayers’ expense.”

Let’s hope the next time Braley rides the rails it will be as a hobo after he’s defeated in November.


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