Hoodjer Unveils Iowa Freedom Fund PAC

Steve Hoodjer, creator and editor of Iowa Freedom Report (of which I’ve been a sporadic contributor), today unveiled a new transpartisan political action committee (PAC) devoted to the fight for “less government, not more.” According to Hoodjer, the new Iowa Freedom Fund PAC will “aggregate donations from the broader freedom movement in Iowa and channel those resources to the candidates with the right message and the right campaigns” rather than relying solely on the uncoordinated efforts of various partisan and single-issue freedom groups.

The IFR report states: “To ensure your donations to Iowa Freedom Fund are spent in the best possible way, we have assembled a board of directors from various streams of the movement including Ron Paul Republicans, Libertarians, independents, Gary Johnson supporters, etc. Your editor, Steve Hoodjer will serve as the PAC treasurer and run its operations. Hoodjer is committed to transpartisan activism on behalf of peace and liberty working through both the Libertarian and Republican parties. In addition to local activism, he has held volunteer positions with both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. The board of directors is comprised of Dr. Eric Cooper of Ames, Todd McGreevey of Davenport, Jimmy Morrison of Muscatine, and Jeff Shipley of Fairfield. Cooper is a Libertarian who was the LP’s 2010 nominee for governor and ran one of the most visible mid-major party races in recent Iowa history. He has also run several times for state legislature and served as a faculty adviser to various libertarian groups at Iowa State University where he is a professor. McGreevey is the publisher of the Quad Cities alternative newspaper the River Cities Reader and active with Iowans for Accountability and the 2010 Jonathan Narcisse for Governor campaign. Morrison is a filmmaker currently producing a documentary explaining the 2008 economic crash from the Austrian perspective. He is the founder of Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana and formerly served as state director for Gary Johnson’s Presidential campaign. Shipley is a law clerk who formerly ran for city council while a University of Iowa student. He is active and well-connected in Iowa politics and is seeking a seat on the Republican State Central Committee.

“The website for Iowa Freedom Fund will be up shortly at www.IowaFreedomFundPAC.com. In the meantime, please like our facebook page at www.facebook.com/IowaFreedomFund. Until the website is active, donations can still be made by check. Simply mail them to: Iowa Freedom Fund, 301 Lincoln Street, Parkersburg, IA 50665 “

It certainly sounds as if they’ve assembled a good team and a nice cross-section of the freedom movement.  I’m particularly pleased to see Doctor Cooper on the board of directors.  I certainly wish the PAC success.  Check’s in the mail Steve.


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