Iowa Ron Paul Update

Things are looking good for Ron Paul here in Iowa.  The “Real Clear Politics Average” of several polls currently shows him in first place among likely voters. State Senator Kent Sorenson, Michele Bachmann’s Iowa campaign chairman, recently defected to Dr. Paul’s campaign.

Steve Hoodjer over at Iowa Freedom Report wrote up a nice endorsement of Dr. Paul. “In 30 years in Congress, Dr. Paul has compiled an unprecedented voting record,” writes Hoodjer. “With his strict adherence to his oath of office to defend the Constitution, Paul’s votes have set him apart from both Democrats and his fellow Republicans.  By standing alone for liberty, sometimes on the losing end of 434-1 votes, Paul has well earned his title as ‘the one exception to the gang of 535 on Capitol Hill.'”

He continues: “Of all the votes Paul has taken during his lonely watch as a sentry for freedom, perhaps none was more important than his ‘no’ to the Iraq War.  With the Wilsonians and globalists in firm command of the Republican Party, all lofty conservative goals are now sacrificed to one aim – a constant state of global welfare and global warfare.  By daring to challenge the party orthodoxy, Paul re-opened the debate over the proper reach of American foreign policy and introduced truly republican (with a small ‘r’) ideas into the mainstream[.]

“By operating above the banal traditions of blind partisanship, Ron Paul has united under the libertarian banner a coalition diverse in race, religion, age, sexual orientation, and prior allegiance.  Riding this wave of enthusiasm, victory for Paul in the nomination contest is no longer out of the question.”

Let’s hope Hoodjer is right.  Be sure to caucus for Ron Paul on January 3rd.


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