Iowa Caucus Countdown

There is less than a month to go until the Iowa caucuses on January 3rd when Iowa becomes the center of the American political universe for a day.  Probably to the chagrin of some of my Libertarian Party friends, I am once again a registered Republican so I can go cast a vote for Ron Paul.

For any who also want to do so, you can find an Iowa voter registration form here.  Simply print it out, mark the box for Republican Party and send it in to or drop it off at your local county auditor’s office.  But do so quickly, time is running out!  If you’re normally an independent or some other party you can change your party affiliation back after the election.

Also, if any Ron Paul supporters are on Facebook, check out the event page for the “Ron Paul Iowa Caucus Mail Bomb” I set up.  It’s an easy and free way to support Dr. Paul’s efforts here in Iowa.

Ron Paul may be on the verge of major upset in the Hawkeye State.  A Paul win would send shock waves throughout the statist political duopoly.  Sounds like a winning proposition to me!


4 thoughts on “Iowa Caucus Countdown”

  1. Received an automated poll yesterday asking who was my first choice? Ron Paul. Who was my second choice? Ron Paul

    I don't agree with every position but he's closer overall. And if I apply the “lesser of evils” then he's the choice again.

    Status quo or shake things up? This should be interesting.


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