Christopher Peters Ranks Highly

According to Libertarian Party News, the official newspaper of the Libertarian National Committee, the performance of Iowa City surgeon and Libertarian Party candidate Christopher Peters in the November election ranked high among all Libertarian candidates nationwide.  In races for state legislature with either no Republican or no Democrat in the race, Dr. Peters finished sixth in the country.

Peters ran for State Senate District 15 in the heavily Democratic Johnson County.  No Republican volunteered to be a sacrificial lamb in this Democratic Party stronghold.  Peters received 25.22% of the vote, a new record for an Iowa Libertarian candidate.

Here’s the 2010 results as listed by LP News:

Top ten percentages for state legislature (either no Republican or no Democrat in the race)

  1. Sean T. O’Toole         MO State Rep., Dist. 40              33.42%
  2. Brad Hyatt                 IN State Rep., Dist.56                 31.57%
  3. Scott A. Kohlhaas      AK State Rep., Dist. 20               30.10%
  4. Jonathan Loya            MA State Rep., Middlesex 8        28.74%
  5. Ron Cenkush              IN State Rep., Dist. 5                 27.97%
  6. Christopher Peters   IA State Senator, Dist. 15        25.22%
  7. Fred Fogel                 HI State Rep., Dist. 5                  24.39%
  8. Bob Ludlow               MO State Senator, Dist. 10          23.65%
  9. Richard W. Shuey      TX  State Rep., Dist. 43               22.44%
  10. Don Crossley             IN State Senator, Dist. 27            21.72%

Way to go, Doc!


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