Tea Party Supporters Protest Representative’s Comments

From Iowa Freedom Report:

Two women with ties to the Iowa Tea Party movement have mounted a letter-writing campaign recalling a state representative’s offensive comments earlier in the year. State Representative Ray Zirkelbach (D-Monticello) referred to the Tea Party movement as the “Tea (Bagger) Party” and the “KKK out of their costumes.” Jenn Jones of Anamosa and Liz Strang formerly of Monticello, but now residing in Ohio, have had letters published in several Northeast Iowa newspapers speaking out against Zirkelbach’s remarks. Jones is active in the Jones County 9.12 Project.

Zirkelbach’s comments were posted on his Facebook page in April. In one he refers to the movement as the “Tea (Bagger) Party” and points out the supposed hypocrisy of criticizing government spending while still utilizing public roads, schools, and snow removal. At that time, Strang posted a reply prudently pointing out that the Tea Party movement stands for “limited government,” not necessarily “no government.” After parrying several more online replies from Tea Party supporters, Zirkelbach declared, “I believe the Tea Party is the KKK out of their costumes!”

Read the full story at Iowa Freedom Report.


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