Sept. 11 Rally: Marion Iowa

The gang over at Republic Now Iowa will be hosting an “anti-war, pro-libertarian” rally at noon on September 11 in  Marion Square park in the center of Marion Iowa (right across from the Democratic Headquarters).

According to Group Coordinator Brandon E.: “We are hosting our first Republic Now rally with invitations going to multiple personalities throughout the state of Iowa. Don’t miss out at what is going to happen at Marion Square Park on September the Eleventh.

“On September the Eleventh in Marion Square Park, Marion, Republic Now will be staging a political rally hot on the heels of an expansive flyering campaign in both Marion and Cedar Rapids.

“In a time of so much hatred and an increasing police state with cameras on street corners and intolerance everywhere you happen to be, a statement must be made that will show peace to a community. And this is how America will return, one community at a time.

“We will show up and gather, share our opinions, welcome each other as brothers and sisters in liberty.

“There will be a public reading of the Declaration of Independence and excerpts from United States Constitution. We will not resist or instigate any form of disorderly conduct or violence as we are a peaceful organization.

“We will show the city that our rights are disappearing and that only a love and respect for people of all ethnicity, beliefs, skin color, spiritual, and political persuasion will bring America back.

“We will also be addressing where our loss of Liberties may be taking our nation in the future[.]”


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