Obama-Hitler-Lenin Billboard, We Hardly Knew Ye

Between Two Rivers reports that a controversial “Tea Party” billboard in Mason City that was unveiled last week has now been covered up. 
Although the news articles I’ve read about this all allude to “complaints” about the sign, the only people I’ve seen quoted complaining about it are fellow Tea Partiers saying it’s counterproductive.  Everyone objected to linking Obama with Hitler.  Does that mean the comparison to Lenin is apt?
The billboard was originally sponsored by the North Iowa Tea Party.  Lest anyone forget what it looks like, I think I’ll put it at the bottom of my blog for a while.

3 thoughts on “Obama-Hitler-Lenin Billboard, We Hardly Knew Ye”

  1. I googled bushitler and returned almost 90,00 pages.

    Michelle Malkin brought up the double standard in Feb 09, so this is nothing new.

    But then hypocrisy is nothing new to politicians and bureaucrats of both stripes.

    Thanks for the link, Ben


  2. I am so frigging sick of anyone (aside from the elite Stalin, Pol Pot, and perhaps Pinochet) being compared with Hitler. Obama may be a spendthrift recklessly increasing the deficit, but do the Tea Party loyalists really think that he intends to murder millions of Americans? Bush may have lied about WMD and gotten us into a never-ending war in Iraq, but even I don't think that he was a maniac trying to wipe an entire race off the face of the earth. It's a lot of fun to be angry, to throw out polemical insults, and to imagine yourself the injured party in every instance. However, what we need at this point is the ability to work together to pull this country out of the hole that we have all helped dig. It's time for all sides to grow up.


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