Poll: Iowans Support Medical Marijuana and Gay Marriage

According to a recent poll commissioned by KCCI NewsChannel 8 (Des Moines), majorities of Iowans support both medical marijuana and gay marriage.

A clear majority of 62% of respondents said they supported legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. 33% said they were opposed to the idea, while 5% were unsure.

“I don’t think it’s any more hazardous or dangerous than any other medication, if it’s used properly,” Bob Lipert, who said he suffers from multiple sclerosis, told KCCI.

Also according to the poll, a slim majority of 53% said they supported marriage rights for same-sex couples. 41% said they were opposed.

“Iowans want their elected officials to focus on issues like jobs and education and really, those pocketbook issues, rather than focusing on divisive issues that are going to pit neighbor against neighbor,” said Justin Uebelhor of the gay-rights group One Iowa.

Bryan English of the Iowa Family Policy Center disagreed. Apparently referring to the fact that Iowa’s gay marriage policy was imposed by the courts rather than the legislature, English told KCCI: “When folks go to the polls next week and then in November, they will in fact support candidates who understand their Constitution and who will defend marriage.”


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