Iowa Libertarian Candidates 2010

Ed Wright, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Iowa, recently announced the 2010 nominees selected at the Libertarian State Convention in Ames. Here are the candidates for each race:

Iowa Governor– Eric Cooper, 44, Ames, e-mail:, website:

Iowa Lt. Governor– Nick Weltha, 30, Des Moines, e-mail:, website:

U.S. Senate– John Heiderscheit, 46, Bettendorf, e-mail:

U.S. House District 1– Rob Petsche, 35, Manchester, e-mail:, website:

U.S. House District 2– Gary Sicard, 37, Robins, e-mail:, website:

Iowa Senate District 23– Campbell DeSousa, 25, Ames, e-mail:

Iowa House District 46– Tyler Pauly, 20, Ames, e-mail:

Polk County Attorney– Karen Tegtmeyer, 50, Johnston, e-mail:, website:


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