Report From The Tea Party

Thursday I attended my very first tax day tea party in my small town. A local business had hung a Gadsden flag and banner saying to gather there at noon on the 15th. By my count, there were about 20 of us down on Main Street carrying signs. That may not sound like many people, but the population of my town is only 3,600 and most folks were at work. (If I hadn’t taken the day off work, I wouldn’t have been there either.)

There were no major incidents, although one guy driving by did give us a “thumbs-down.” A few cars and trucks honked in support. Mostly people just drove by trying to avoid eye contact though.

There were no “infiltrators” as several news organizations had warned. One guy showed up in a purple SEIU tee shirt and I wondered if he was there to start trouble. To my surprise, he just stood there with his child, holding a sign that read, “I love my country, but fear the gov’t.”

One gal, I’d say in her sixties, tried to give everyone a copy of the U.S. Constitution. She said she had distributed about 600 copies so far (not just on that day). Good for her!

I saw no hatred, malice or racism toward anyone, just concern about excessive taxation and government spending. These are my people.

Next stop: The Second Amendment March in Des Moines on Monday.


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