"Official" Weapons Bills Filed

Let’s keep the weapons bill topic rolling from the last post.

Today the NRA “Shall Issue” bill was filed in the Iowa legislature and given the bill number House File 2255. Opponents and proponents alike (myself included) can now stop speculating what the bill may contain. You can read the bill, in its entirety, here.

Although I’ve increasingly found myself having philosophical differences with the NRA in the last several years, I’m going to try (TRY mind you) to read the bill with an open mind. I hope that all of you will too, so we can have an honest debate on the meat of the bill.

Also, Iowa Gun Owner’s “Vermont Carry” bill has also been introduced. (I know they keep calling it “Alaska Carry” because it sounds more rugged, but it was called “Vermont Carry” before Alaska got it, so I ain’t changing!) The bill numbers on this one are House File 2241 or Senate File 473.

I’ll be reading both bills before I comment on them.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment for Iowa Constitution-

In a separate but related subject, Iowa Carry reported the following in their email update:

“Rep. Rants did exactly what he promised to do – HJR 2010 was introduced on February 1, providing the RKBA for the Iowa Constitution. Adding this to the Constitution is a long process, but this is where it needs to start. HJR 2010 needs your support! Contact your state representative today and urge him or her to support HJR 2010!

“The bill was assigned to the Public Safety Committee, and then to a subcommittee of R. Olson, Lukan, and Lykam.”


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