Iowa Libertarians On The Ballot

In tomorrow’s election there will be a few Libertarian Party candidates scattered around the state. Here are the ones that I’ve heard about:

  1. Nick Tabier, running for Cedar Falls city council (at large)- Says Tabier’s website: “Cedar Falls is a great place to live, and keeping it great requires initiative, fresh thinking, and a willingness to listen to ideas from everyone. I will bring unique perspective, bountiful energy, and careful leadership to the Cedar Falls City Council.”
  2. Bill Lynn, running for Davenport 5th Ward Alderman (incumbent)- Lynn is endorsed by the Quad City Times and has been serving for six years. Says The Times: “Bill Lynn has earned a fourth term. The St. Ambrose professor seems to have anchored his academic ideals to some street-level reality through his support of some smart initiatives, including the micro-loan program to foster minority business development. “
  3. Roger Fritz, running for Roland Iowa mayor- A electronic communications engineer, Fritz previously served as a Roland city councilman from 1999 to 2007.

Although it’s not until next year, Eric Cooper and Nick Weltha are the Libertarian candidates for Iowa Governor and Lieutenant Governor, respectively. Cooper is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Iowa State University. Weltha is a System Administrator for the Iowa Judicial Branch.

If you’re tired of politics as usual from the two big-box parties, please vote for and support Iowa’s Libertarian candidates.


One thought on “Iowa Libertarians On The Ballot”

  1. According to Jake Porter at

    Nick Tabier won 46% of the vote in his race. His nearest competitor got 41%, which means they will be in a run-off election Dec.1 for Cedar Falls city council.

    Roger Fritz won the city of Roland's mayor's race with 83.95% of the vote.

    Bill Lynn won in Davenport's 5th Ward with 63% of the vote.

    Good job guys!


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