Iowa City Tea Party

I can see how cities effected by the 2008 floods may need additional funds, but still, you have to like these local tax-protesters’ style.

From the Iowa City Press-Citizen, February 4, 2009:

“A local group has sent boxes of tea to Iowa City councilors to protest the possibility of a local option sales tax.

“The Iowa City Council is considering calling for a referendum on a 1-cent sales tax. Each city in Johnson County could accept or reject the tax.

“Mike Thayer of Coralville said a group of about 30 people met Monday night to discuss the measure. A statement from the group states that the tea ‘kicks off an aggressive campaign of opposition to the tax.’

“In a play on the Boston Tea Party, Thayer said one box of loose-leaf tea was sent to each councilor with a tag including the names and addresses of those opposed to the sales tax.

“‘Local government needs to spend the money they’ve already been given more responsibly,’ he said.

“Thayer said examples of money poorly spent include $50,000 to support The Englert Theatre and $62,000 that was spent in 2007 to fund a downtown study. He said the city shouldn’t be funding a ‘failing theater’ and said the downtown survey didn’t ‘tell us anything we didn’t already know.’

“Thayer said that local government needs to cut back ‘just like Johnson County families are.'”

To learn more about the tax protest, go to

Let’s hope things don’t go all “Concord Bridge” down there.


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